Monday, September 7, 2009

Help Me Choose!

Okay, the electrician returns Wednesday or Thursday to finish up. Now I need to decide what color outlets and switches to use -- chocolate brown or ivory. As you can see, the chocolate brings out the colors in the counter very nicely. On the other hand, the ivory is more neutral. Neither blends invisibly into the wall, so they'll both be fairly visible. Another factor is that the drawer pulls and door handles have a blackish, burnt ironized finish, so they're quite dark.

Please let me know what you think by taking the poll off to the right. Just think, you get to have a small say in finishing my kitchen! And thanks!


Framed said...

I voted for ivory except for the one on your island. I assume that hole is for an outlet, definitely brown for that. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You can get an email every time someone commments on your blog by going to Settings > Comments > page down to Comments Notification Email. That's how I can see when someone comments without checking my blogs of multiple postings.

Susan said...

But do you really want to have those emails all the time? Opening my email and finding a huge, long list of unopened emails really scares me! But maybe I'll try it for a while. It seems guys like the chocolate and girls like the ivory. And yes, brown goes on the island. Thanks.

Booklogged said...

What a hard choice. I love that chocolate one - very classy. But after some thought I think I agree with Framed. I think the white will be less obtrusive on your walls and the brown for the island. Maybe you could sneak brown into the appliance garage, too.

I don't get enough comments to make my inbox scary. And usually the comments are short and quick to read. Sometimes someone will comment on a post from long ago and getting that in the email means you don't miss it.

Thanks for comment on my blog. It was fun seeing your name in a comment. I about peed my pants!

Ann said...

I vote for ivory, also. Dark ones remind me of the dark Spanish style decor popular in the '70s.

julie said...

I love getting my comments in my email inbox, especially for the reason Booklogged mentioned - if someone comments on an old blog post, you don't miss it. I get several comments on each post and it still doesn't seem overwhelming.

I like both options but I think chocolate is something new and different for you. However, I think ivory is a good choice too.

Susan said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and advice. Since the electrician is coming today I HAVE to make a choice -- ivory! Whew! What a relief.