Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Almost Finished!

Even though it's Labor Day weekend, workers still showed up to work on my house. I really shouldn't refer to Wayne, my contractor, as a worker, but he sure did put in a long, hard day's work.

As you can see, I have counter tops, doors, and drawer faces, but no handles and knobs yet. Those will be installed Tuesday or Wednesday.

The counter is a granite-like laminate. I've had nightmares for weeks, worrying if this laminate would look okay -- and it looks great! As you can see, the cabinet maker added a little strip of wood trim which steps up the quality and class of my counter.
Wayne and his friend Vance (again not just another worker!) spent the day installing half the floor, a medium-colored cherry laminate flooring. Neither one had installed this kind of floor before and they had to do a lot more cutting and trimming than they had planned to, so progress was slow for a while. As I have for this entire project, I enjoyed listening to them figure out how they were going to get the job done. When I watch home improvement shows on TV now, I appreciate the technical skills that go into their projects.
I read in a design magazine before we began working on my kitchen that the floor should be one shade darker than the cabinets. Hopefully you can tell that my floor follows that strategy. Vance and Wayne tell me that it looks great, which makes me feel good because they've been doing this building thing for a long time and know what they're talking about.
On the schedule for next week:
Monday & Tuesday: Ron will install cabinet knobs and handles and finish installing doors and appliance garage
Tuesday & Wednesday: lumber will come to install sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator, and connect water
Thursday & Friday: Electrician will install stove & microwave, as well as all my fixtures. He also needs to run wiring on the back of the bar for those outlets and run wiring for a phone jack under the desk and wiring for new lighting in the bathrooms. My son Kevin will come from Vernal to install those lights for me.
Friday: Ron returns one last time to install four pull out drawers. I evidently didn't clarify that I wanted pull out drawers on all the base cabinets, so I'll pay a little extra for those but they'll be worth it in the long run.
Saturday: Start putting things away!


Booklogged said...

It looks great! One more week! Aren't you excited? I love the way the raised bar looks. And the cabinets and floor look perfect together. And that wood trim in the counter top really looks sharp. I know I always sound so gushy when I post comments, but that's how I feel. It's beautiful. I'm already imagining the fun you're going to have putting things inside those cabinets and drawers.

Framed said...

I love seeing pictures as the work is being done. Everything looks great. Mom is very excited about the new lighting in your bathrooms.