Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting Over Again

My heck! I've only taken two weeks off from walking, and I feel like a beginner again! You have to remember that I've been walking for years--through fat and thin and on the way back again.

Even though I haven't been walking, I have maintained my 3-times-a-week routine at Curves, albeit not at 5:30 a.m. like when I'm in school. This morning I went to Curves and only did the weight machines because I planned to walk, and that's what I did. My word! My legs felt like logs, and my hips like unoiled gears. When I had about 1/4 mile left to go, both legs and hips stopped aching and began moving more smoothly. Let this be a lesson to me--don't take two weeks off from walking!

The reasons I haven't been walking include finishing one audio book and taking care of Julie after her surgery. You can read about Julie's surgery if you haven't already on her blog "Julie's Losing It." Since I have many audio books on my ipod, I picked a Dean Koontz, whose books are usually great for walking. I'll be darned if I could concentrate on the book; all I could think of was what I could write about in my blog! I'm sure the newness will wear off and I'll realize one day that I haven't written anything for weeks, but for now the ideas are flooding through my mind.

Like many of you, I'm the type that tries something new and that's all I want to do until something else comes along. On Wednesday, I thought I'd try online scrapbooking for the first time by quickly putting together some pictures from any trip I could find the pictures for. I was actually hoping to scrapbook the fantastic pictures I have of our Seattle trip, but ended up finding the San Francisco pictures of when Shaneen, Mother, and I visited Jason in Monterey in 2003. And, you guessed it, we didn't have digital cameras in 2003, so I scanned all the pictures. Six hours later, I had produced a scrapbook--my first one of any kind ever! Considering that it was my first online scrapbook and a quickie at that, I'm quite pleased with the effort. Now, however, I can imagine collecting all these scrapbooks online and never getting those printed off. At least I'm one step closer to doing something with all my fantastic photos. But, since I decided to start blogging today, scrapbooking may take a back seat with reading the required material for my reading endorsement class, watching HGTV and game shows nonstop, attending boys' and girls' basketball games, and believe it or not, grading Sophomore English essays!

A required novel and scoring students' essays should have been enough of a reason to get out of my rocking chair and go for a walk every day this Christmas break, but HGTV and game shows won out. Today I walked right after Jeopardy and before Match Game at 11:30 a.m. Not quite sure what I'll do when school starts again and all-day television is no longer an option.


Booklogged said...

Remind me not to turn the game channel on during the day! Have you posted your scrapbooks where others can take a look? I'd love to see your pictures and your scrapbooking. Again, maybe you'll inspire me. Definitely you'll inspire me, so what I really need to say is 'maybe I'll act on that inspiration?'

Susan said...

No, I didn't post my one, single scrapbook because I don't know how. If I figure it out, I'll let you know. But you've probably already seen those pictures since we went to Monterey/San Francisco five and a half years ago!

julie said...

Did you change your template? I swear yesterday it was brown. Huh.

I don't know how you post scrapbooks, but Aly probably does. I enjoyed looking at it, thanks for sending to me via email.

I've always been impressed by how regularly you walk - and how far! Someday I'm going to be that regular at an exercise program.

Have fun reading essays today! :)

Framed said...

I tried to look at your scrapbook but my computer won't cooperate. &*^%^*(*$##*&^#!!!! I need to start exercising again, but walking is out. My feet are a mess. As soon as I get the DVD player and TV hooked up in the other bedroom, I'll have a go at the eliptical machine. Funny, how I haven't got aroung to getting those things hooked up.

Booklogged said...

Do we have to wait until summer break for your next post? Darn that job!