Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Starting All Over . . . Again!

Well, here I am at the end of my summer break, and I hope I have finally been inspired to continue blogging on a regular basis. As you may have noticed, my blog's title has changed to reflect a renewed commitment to blogging, as well as expanding the field of possible topics.

At least two events prompted my starting over again (for the second time). First, my daughter Julie and I went to see Julie and Julia, the movie about a modern wannabee writer who blogs about making all 574 of Julia Child's recipes in one year. I have felt like the character Julie did about blogging -- that she needed a central theme around which to base her blog. My daughter Julie, however, told me today that I don't necessarily need to write about the same thing, which is what I had thought I should do in my previous blog about walking. After Julie turned down my request for her to think of a new name for my blog, I told her, "What the heck (paraphrased for my mother's sake)! I am just going to do it!" And, voila, I came up with my new title. And this title allows me to cover anything. I must admit I am feeling quite optimistic about my blogging future.

The second event that prompted my blogging reconfirmation was reading a chapter in a book Jean, our media specialist, loaned me about using modern technology in the classroom, including blogging. So far I've only read the chapter about blogging, which, naturally, says that if a teacher expects her students to blog, she must blog herself. Since school starts next week, I'd better get on the ball and start blogging.

As I've thought about blogging today, I realized I really have quite a bit to write about and can't wait to start. But I think I'll start tomorrow. In closing, like the character Julie, I have thought of writing a book but haven't even dreamed of starting. As a recently divorced woman many years ago, I learned how to change the oil in my car out of sheer necessity because I was too poor to pay to have it done. Within three months of my divorce, I had to move my family to a dumpy apartment which continually had a clogged kitchen sink and which I continually had to unclog. Over the course of time, I realized I could do anything a man could do even though it always took me quite a bit longer, so my book would have been titled something like Anything a Man Can Do, A Woman Can Do and would contain stories of things women had accomplished as they lived on their own.

Obviously I have never written the book, but I still amaze myself at what I do on my own. Granted I get a great deal of help and advise from my adult children, thank Heavens. My blog, I hope, will reflect the fact that I, like everyone else, just keep doin' it because, what the heck! most of us don't have any other choice.


julie said...

I'm glad you're giving blogging another go. You're such a good writer, and I can't wait to read what you have to tell us.

Booklogged said...

I'm glad, too! I agree with Julie, you do write so well. I like how you started out telling about your blog title change and then finished up with the title. Did you like the movie? I want to see it and am hoping it will be good.

I liked this: "As I've thought about blogging today, I realized I really have quite a bit to write about and can't wait to start. But I think I'll start tomorrow." Sounds like procrastination to me! Just a gentle shove - it's tomorrow. Looking forward to a new post.

Susan said...

Thanks for the encouragement. One reason I put off writing more yesterday is because I worry that nobody wants to read a gigantically long blog at one sitting -- like the one I wrote today! But this is more fun than the one I started in December!

Framed said...

What the heck? What happened to the wonderfully witty and thoughtful remarks I left here yesterday? I can't possibly duplicate them as It's Friday and I've used up all my wit and thoughtfulness. Sorry.